Monday, February 25, 2013

California Love

I have started a full out love affair with the West coast, Southern California in particular.  For the first time in my 34 years, I have finally made it all the way West, and I had to tear myself away when it was time to come home.  Nobody really wants to come home from vacation, but in my case, it was like tearing off my arm. Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but I left mine in Orange County, and I need to get back to put everything back together.
  I can't even explain what it was.  I know this:  The peace that I felt just being there was something I don't experience much in my life at home.  It's like my entire soul calmed down for a few days, and all it took was some ocean scented air and the waves of the Pacific.  Feeling the sun on my face made me deliriously happy, the sight of palm trees as I descended into LA gave me giggle fits, riding on the 405 in the middle of rush hour didn't give me heart burn.  The vibe there is so different.  Everyone smiles, everything is more relaxed, more beautiful, more inspiring.  I WANTED to wake up early every morning, before the sun was all the way up, just to look out the window or have coffee outside and watch Long Beach shake off the previous night.  In the evenings I was content in watching the seals play in the waves right outside my window. I wanted to get out and be active and do things and be healthy just because my surroundings inspired me to do so.  I didn't forget about my problems while I was there, but I had enough clarity and calm to realize that as much as they suck, I would get through them and come out ok on the other side. Three days made a huge impact on me, and I can't wait to get back. I remember being in the shuttle on the way to the airport, driving through San Pedro, which is a pretty little town right in the coast. We hit the top of a hill, and in front of us was just this massive view of the bright blue water and the intense green of the grass and the palm leaves against it, swaying gently in the breeze-it was like my entire view was in glorious technicolor, and it was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen. That image, more than any of them, stuck with me, like a screensaver in my head.
(this one isn't mine, I cribbed it from the web-My view was better, but I was too stunned to take a pic)
 I want to see if this was just a fluke-is this just vacation infatuation?  Or is this life's way of telling me I should head West and start over? I feel like there are huge neon arrows hanging over my head, dragging my force of gravity in that direction.  Is that weird?  Am I crazy?
I cemented some awesome friendships with some amazing people while I was there, which, of course, is like adding fuel to the fire in this case.  Maybe a fresh start is what I need--a clean slate, a sunny new environment-anyone who reads this blog knows that the Midwest (and life in it) hasn't been so great to me this last decade.  Maybe I really am on to something.
I know that a move like that, a total uprooting, really, would be a massive, epic step that would take some careful planning-a 2000 mile move with two kids, DUH, of course it's a big deal.  I would be lying tho if I said I wasn't thinking about it.  How could I not?  I've taken my share of vacations, and they were all beautiful.  For some reason tho, this one, in that location, calls to a place inside me that I didn't know was there. It sounds so incredibly corny to say it that way, but it's the only way I can express it. I don't remember ever wanting to stay somewhere so badly. The Vitamin D I soaked up from the sun was like crack.
I get it now, Beach Boys and all you other people that wrote California-themed songs.  I get the hype!  Get Katy Perry and Dr. Dre on the phone, call Snoop too cuz we got some thangs to discuss!!


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  2. I deleted this by accident...she wrote:
    Do it! Figure it out and see what the world has to offer. That's exactly how we felt when we were in Sedona. Though we've been to LA and along the coast also our feelings aren't like yours. Emotions are God's way of guiding you along your path. Bad feeling? Turn and run. Good feeling? Go forth and explore!!!!


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